Founded in 2008, Paintsoft is one of the profressional software products and IT services provider in the world. we are focusing on multi touch ,whiteboard soft, Graphics presentation solutions,With the goals of providing high quality, high speed and securities professional outsourcing services, Paintsoft introduced world leading software development management tools, and integrated with cutting edge middleware and multi touch technology.With the close cooperation with the international partners including IBM, INTEL, Microsoft,Lenovo,Acer.

Over the past 5 years development, by following the cooperation culture growing with you and continuous innovation, Paintsoft use its outstanding solution, products to create the value for our customers. Paintsoft is ready to work with our local and overseas customers together to promote and make positive contribution to IT industry!


A: Can i try this software?
Q: Yes,all of our software ,you can download them to try free.

A: How to buy the software?
Q: So far,You can pay through paypal to buy our soft.please contact us via email.

A: what the service after I buy the product?
Q: We provide long-term after-sales service free of charge, debug and upgrade.
Registration and custom-developed multi-touch software, pictures and video exhibition system, multi-point rotation, zooming and panning
등록 및 사용자 정의 개발된 멀티 터치 소프트웨어, 사진 및 비디오 전시 시스템, 다지점 회전, 확대 및 패닝
تسجيل وعرف نموا البرمجيات متعددة تعمل باللمس، والصور والفيديو نظام المعرض، متعدد نقطة الدوران، والتكبير بالغسل
El registro y la costumbre desarrollada de software multi-touch, imágenes y sistema de exposición de vídeo multi-punto de rotación, zoom y panorámica
Inscription et personnalisée développée multi-touch du logiciel, les images et le système d'exposition vidéo, multi-point de rotation, zoom et de panoramique
Inscrições e software customizado multi-touch, imagens e sistema de exibição de vídeo, multi-ponto de rotação, zoom e visão panorâmica